Don Quijote y Sancho Pancha at Córdoba: oil on canvas 143 x 173cmThe work on this website spans a period from the 1960’s to 2009. I am not the most organised of artists. A lot of work has gone unrecorded and often records that I once had seem to have since disappeared. This, then,is a representative selection rather than a complete catalogue of all work made to date.  

The headings along the top bar try to group work that share something in common. Sometimes a heading relates to a group of works made about the same time or relating to a particular place. In other sections the focus is on a single piece of work. 

As not all the work could be conveniently boxed up into categories a “Miscellany” page was created. This displays a selection of diverse work - from student days to the present.

Three people - an academic, an art consultant and a collector have kindly made written contributions about the work. These can be found in the "Commentaries" section.

The work is not dated, although by observation and referring to the CV, the viewer will often be able to place the period as to when a particular work was made.

A lot of the work displayed is now in private or corporate collections but there is still a substantial amount that is for sale. Prices are available on request - they are generally affordable.

Please use the contact page for any specific questions about the work.

J. D. Lewis          16/07/2011